April 2016

Are you made for Chelsea?

What do you picture when you imagine yourself living in Chelsea? The plethora of sights to discover? The countless designer shops to peruse? Or the endless bars and restaurants to sample? You will be happy to know that your imagination isn’t far from how life in Chelsea really is. Much like the rest of the… Read full article

Are Informal Landlords Risking Tenants Rights?


Ultimately there is no material risk to a tenants rights if they are unlucky enough to rent a property from disorganised Landlords.  However, the journey to get to this conclusion can often very painful and frustrating for a tenant (and agent!).  Safety, a complete priority, is taken care of by the legal requirement (both for… Read full article

Where to live in Chelsea

The truth is there are so many desirable areas to live in Chelsea you are spoiled for choice, but that won’t stop us from making your decision even harder as we take a walk through some of the most famous postcodes in London. There are many areas in Chelsea that are recognised by people from… Read full article

The Lettings Market in Prime Central London

Draker Rentals Market

The lettings market started very strongly in the first quarter of 2016. At Draker we have seen increased activity in both tenants looking to rent and landlords instructing us to let their properties.  This further underpins my view that for the foreseeable future Kensington and Chelsea is going to be predominantly a lettings dominated area. The lack… Read full article

Pets and Lets – pitbulls and pitfalls

Pets: Tim Hassell and Primo the Whippet

I have a confession. I am an estate agent, dog owner and a tenant – arguably a landlord’s worst nightmare…  In theory why would anyone even consider renting their property to me?  We have all heard the horror stories about the damage that dogs (and other pets) can cause to a rental property let alone the… Read full article