June 2016

Instructions are on the back of the box…

Draker board games

I love games.  Scrabble and Monopoly being two of my all-time favourites.  There is nothing more satisfying than out playing, outsmarting or out bluffing your opponents and to me, playing a good game with friends can be one of my favourite ways to spend and evening. I do always ask for one simple thing however,… Read full article

Our Guide to Renting Property in Chelsea

You have chosen the area where you want to live and renting looks like the best option for you, and you are not alone. The majority of people who live in London are all renting and as this number increases the quality and choice of rented accommodation is better than ever. Rental properties in Chelsea range from… Read full article

Update: The High End London Rental Market

London Rental Market

In the last six months, we have seen an increase in activity at the high-end of the Central London rental market.  Over the last couple of years the high end sales market has been very active with overseas buyers falling over themselves to buy the property of their dreams to live in, but now it… Read full article