January 2018

Is your property ready to let?

In our experience, the vast majority of teething problems that may arise when a tenant moves in can be overcome in advance if the landlord has a quick recap on how to make sure the property is ready to let. When you are pushed for time, running through a checklist of items ‘to do’ may… Read full article

Introducing the Draker Hub

You hardly need us to tell you that being a landlord can be a challenging business. That’s why our priority has always been to try and go above and beyond for our clients and to lend a helping hand. Since our launch in 2010, we have always been happy to share our experiences of the… Read full article

Are you a Chelsea fan?

For anyone who knows me, naturally I am not making a clever football reference. When training our teams recently we went through all of the reasons why Chelsea is one of the most exclusive and popular areas to rent a property. Our area really is mind-blowingly packed full of the best of every amenity that… Read full article

A guide to long term letting

The Top Four Do’s DO properly interview your estate agents to ensure that they have the resources to do the job well for you before choosing who to appoint. People often choose an individual that they like and feel will do a good job, which is important; but also look beyond this at the support… Read full article