The key to an occupied Christmas….

Occupied Christmas

If you are a landlord in Central London the thought of having a property vacant at Christmas will likely fill you full of dread.  But it really needn’t be that bad provided you follow a few basic rules.  Yule (!) beat the slight dip in the market if you can make that extra bit of… Read full article

All I want for Christmas is …

Summertime is without doubt the toughest time of year to be a tenant.  From June through to October the London market is at its optimum for landlords and agents.  There are more applicants looking, more deals done, more renewals agreed and higher expectations all round from agents and property owners alike.  These elements combined make… Read full article

Are you a Chelsea fan?

I Love Chelsea

For anyone who knows me, naturally I am not making a clever football reference. When training our teams recently we went through all of the reasons why Chelsea is one of the most exclusive and popular areas to rent a property. Our area really is mind-blowingly packed full of the best of every amenity that… Read full article

The Explosion of Generation Rent

Draker Generation Rent

Generation Rent is no longer theoretical. It’s here – and here to stay for another decade, according to PwC, who say that by 2025, only 40% of Londoners will own their own home. That marks a U-turn on the situation in 2000, when 60% of Londoners were home-owners. By 2025, the majority of 20-39 year olds… Read full article

Does the size of your rental property really matter?

size matters in rental property

In the prime London rental market size is not everything. Surprisingly, purely from a rental yield point of view, the highest performing property in Kensington and Chelsea is in fact the humble studio flat. The science behind size in the rental market in Prime Central London Generally speaking, the smaller the property, the better overall… Read full article

What now for Central London property rentals?

Central London property rentals market

Our predictions for Central London Property Rentals More People will Rent – and for Longer The correction in the reckless mortgage market pre-credit crunch is going to result in a much higher proportion of people renting in the long term – especially in Central London. We believe that this will bring the UK in general,… Read full article

A big ‘thank you’ to all our Landlords

Draker thank you

As we approach our 6th birthday we wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to all our landlords for your support and belief in us. Without you Draker would not exist and we would not be able to provide honest, friendly service with an unrivalled work ethic. Every single member of Draker… Read full article