Why us?

We focus solely on rentals which means our staff are dedicated to finding you tenants that are just right. Not to mention letting your property at the best possible market rate.

Our people

Every one of us at Draker works to a set of fundamental values.

We believe in providing you with the best service and solutions, so we continually analyse our performance to find ways of being better.

We value honesty, integrity and common sense. So you can be sure of dealing with helpful, open and level-headed professionals who treat you with respect.

We also appreciate diversity. Our people come from all sorts of different backgrounds, ensuring a healthy cross-fertilisation of ideas and energy. The one thing we have in common is a good attitude: we’re proud that we care about what we do.

A confession

We have an obsession with detail. There. We’ve said it. Whether it’s entirely healthy or not, it means you really do get the highest level of service. Sometimes the smallest things become the most frustrating. We won’t let that happen, great service makes all the difference when letting your property.

Have a property to let?

Request a Valuation

Got the T Shirt

Between us, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or dealt with. There’s almost no scenario - however nightmarish - that we can’t help with. We’re Lettings only because that’s what we do best. The right advice, quickly, is something that our landlords consider very valuable. We’ll always get stuck in when you need us.

Hands out of pockets

We are accountable to you for everything we do. We don’t shy away from difficulties or make excuses. We work with our landlords to fix any issues as quickly as possible.

Ask us anything

Well, almost anything. We know being a landlord can be challenging and stressful. Especially if you are new to the game or have a portfolio to manage. We’re here to help or advise with no obligations, so please get in touch if you have a question - however small.

The perfect match

Finding good tenants can send a landlord’s anxiety levels... ‘through the roof’. So we don’t rush things to get a sale. We don’t recommend a tenant unless they are properly qualified. Most of our business comes from corporate tenants; their employer takes the lease and pays the rent.